DIY Sunglasses Pouch

Sunglasses are my absolute favorite accessory. Ever! Chokers, bandannas, temporary tattoos and more are seasonal and short term trendy accessories but there will always be a sun and we will always need sunglasses to block it. But I am so sick of pulling them out of my purse and finding smudges and scratches as if there were a gruesome battle going on in my handbag. At first I would use an old glasses case from my last eye exam at Wal-Mart but it was straight up ugly. Not to mention “Wal-Mart” was plastered in big black letters right on the front. Not cool. I also found this old dress in my basement with potential for something but I didn’t know what. Add a drop of creativity and an overdose of boredom and ta-da! A sunglasses pouch for my little aviators. If you have a little bit of fabric lying around this could be the perfect DIY you’ve been looking for! It’s super easy and fast and makes for a fun project!



-8′ x 10′ fabric

-1 cord (You could use ribbon)

-Needle & Thread (I don’t own a sewing machine)

Begin by placing fabric downward so we don’t see the patterned side.

Fold your fabric in half like a hot dog. At this time you can use a sewing machine or use your needle and thread to hand sew the edges. You can sew straight across or diagonally like I did.


Sew up to the last 2 inches of the top and fold the fabric in half toward you.


Sew towards the bottom edge straight across and making sure not to sew both sides together. Remember we’re going to flip this inside out when we’re done sewing.


This is where we’re going to insert our cord/ribbon so don’t sew the ends either. When you’re finished, flip the pouch inside out and insert your cord into the slits at edge of the pouch. Knot the ends of the cord as the final touch and ta-da! You’re done! Easy as that! It should take no more than 30 minutes. You can choose all types of fabrics and mix and match colors.


And don’t limit it to your sunglasses! You can store make-up, hair accessories, pencils & pens and more. Use this as an adorable gift or keep it all to yourself. Have fun with it! Until next time.


With Love,





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