5 Ways to Spoil Yourself

Listen, whether you’ve had a rough week, rough day, or a rough hour these are five ways you can spoil yourself rotten and get the pampering you deserve.

1.Flower Fridays

‘Thistle’ cheer you up! At the end of the week, reward yourself by going to the store and buying yourself a beautiful bouquet of your favorite flowers! There is absolutely no reason to wait for a man to come buy them for you (But gentlemen, don’t forget to get your ladies flowers here and there!) In fact research shows that plants in your home can lower your blood pressure, lower levels of anxiety, and overall improve well-being! Seriously! I’m not ‘pollen’ your leg ;). So add some aesthetics to your home or work space and let nature heal.

To read more on the positive affects of plants click here: Plants Make You Feel Better

2. Jimmy Fallon Hour

Nothing is greater than laughing so hard that you’re ‘Fallon’ off your chairs. Set aside a slot of time to watch something funny! My personal favorite is watching Jimmy Fallon videos and all the games he plays with celebrities. His laughter is contagious and the games are so ridiculous you want to go play them yourself. But just a warning, there are a lot of videos and you could easily spend an hour watching them back to back.

Need help getting started? I’ll just leave this right here: Box of Lies with Jennifer Lawrence

3. Shower Karaoke

Feeling a little ‘flat’? I know that can be a ‘trebling’ feeling! One of the best features of YouTube is the ability to make play lists. And guess what? There are pretty much karaoke videos for any song! Make a playlist of your favorites and blast them while you take a shower. If the shower isn’t your favorite stage, sing in the car. Don’t be afraid to sing at the top of your lungs. Remember, this is your show and you’re the star!

4. Make a Healthy Dessert

Okay normally when  I decide I’m going to eat something as delicious as a dessert, the word healthy does not cross my mind. But hear me out. Sometimes eating junky comfort food does the opposite of spoiling and instead makes me feel disgusting. So why not eat a healthy or healthier dessert? One of my favorites is pan frying bananas and adding a couple scoops of vanilla coconut ice cream. So stinkin’ good.

5. Call Your Best Friend

Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, we all need people. It may be our girlfriends and boyfriends, parents, or our pets but best friends are God’s gifts to us. With technology today our buddies are a click away and catching up with someone who knows and loves you can make you feel so much better. Give them a call and watch your troubles melt away.

Make sure to continuously take care of yourself. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health and there is no limit to how often you should pamper yourself. You do so much for this world that you deserve to relax a little bit. What other things do you like to do to pamper yourself? I’d love to know!

Take care!



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